Roads & Transportation

Cycle Vision Chilliwack

Cycle Vision Chilliwack. The Transportation Plan update project is underway and the City of Chilliwack is looking for your input regarding cycling in Chilliwack.

Evans Road Connector

The Evans Road Connector links Chilliwack south with the north, via Evans Road that links with the Evans Parkway and Ashwell Road. Wondering if you are driving the Roundabout correctly - check out the Roundabout simulator.

How Do Roundabouts Work | Roundabout Simulator

Lickman Interchange Project

Project updates and details regarding the Lickman Interchange Project.


Regular maintenance and repair of city roadways, shoulders and signs are conducted by the City’s Public Works Department and include a wide range of activities

Mill Street Upgrades | Potholes | Road Paving


On the roundabouts page you will find pertinent information about roundabouts in our community, including how to use roundabouts, safety measures, FAQs and more.

Roundabouts – FAQ’s | Evans Road Roundabout (Two-Lane)

Street Lighting

Please call the Public Works Department for maintenance on street lights.

Traffic Counts

Automatic Traffic Count Summary for major roads in Chilliwack. 2-Way 24hr volume stats back to 1992.

Traffic Notifications

Information on lane and road closures


Complete transit route maps, schedules, and rates are available on this page.

Transportation Plan Update - Final

The Transportation Plan Update - Final was approved by Mayor and Council August 21, 2018

Vedder Bridge Replacement Project

Watch the video that celebrates the completion of the new Vedder Bridge and recognizes the important role it plays in our community.

Winter Operations

The goal of the program is to maintain safe travel routes during snow and ice conditions and restoration of the mobility for the traveling public within a reasonable time frame following cessation of storm conditions.

Information for Residents | Flashing Blue Pavement Markers | Road Priorities | Sidewalks | Equipment & Operations