The City will arrange snow and ice control operations on designated sidewalks as resources and budgetary constraints and operating conditions permit. If and when available resources and operating conditions permit, resources shall be applied to those designated sidewalks. Sidewalks adjacent to municipal properties and facilities and at the downtown transit terminus, snow and ice will be removed by City crews.

The clearing of snow and ice from all other sidewalks in the City is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner or tenant. Stratas are required to clear sidewalks adjacent to the strata's common property. The City's Highway and Traffic Bylaw requires that all owners of real property clear the sidewalk adjacent to their property by noon the day following a snowfall event.

If you need assistance to clear your sidewalk after a snowfall event you may request the help of the "Snow Angels". Snow Angels are volunteers enlisted by the Chilliwack Seniors Resource Society to help seniors or the disabled. You can request assistance by calling 604-793-9979.

See the map below for sidewalks which are designated for snow and ice control operations.