Road Priorities

Updated Oct 28, 2020

Roads within the City of Chilliwack are categorized into priorities for the purpose of operational response. Snow and ice control operations will be undertaken subject to the availability of resources and in priority order. The road priorities within the City of Chilliwack are as follows:

Priority 1 (red in map below):

High volume and strategic arterial and collector roads, major access roads to hillside areas, access roads to fire stations, ambulance stations, police stations and Chilliwack General Hospital.

Priority 2 (blue in map below):

All remaining arterial roads, all remaining hillside asphalt roads and collector routes not including priority 2A.

Priority 2A (Orange in map below):

Specified gravel roads in hillside areas.

Priority 3 (green in map below):

Specified local roads of significance within residential areas on the valley floor. These roads act as local collectors for residential traffic accessing these roads from priority 4 routes. The intent of clearing priority 3 roads is to maintain drivable surface to allow vehicles from untreated residential streets to safely access adjacent collector and arterial routes.

Priority 4:

Remaining local / residential roads on the valley floor. Snow and ice control will not be carried out on local / residential roads unless resources are available and this is at the discretion of the Director of Operations, or designate. The decision to commit resources to any local / residential road will be subject to the consideration of forecasted weather systems, current road conditions on higher priority roads and equipment operating limitations.

Road Priorities Map


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