Chilliwack's Drinking Water

The City of Chilliwack has an excellent source of drinking water. We get our drinking water from the Sardis-Vedder aquifer. The City is dedicated to monitoring, protecting, and conserving this resource in order to ensure that residents will continue to be able to enjoy this high quality water for years to come.

Water Quality

Our water quality is constantly tested to ensure that it meets provincial and federal guidelines. The City’s water quality sampling and testing program goes far beyond what the Drinking Water Protection Act (DWPA) requires as a minimum.

Water Conservation

The average water consumption for our city is 28 million litres per day. During the summer months, the consumption increases to approximately 52 million litres. To help reduce our consumption, the City of Chilliwack is implementing a number of measures to build a water efficient community. Using less water today reduces energy consumption and helps sustainably manage our precious groundwater resource.

Low Flow Toilets | Public Education | Rain Barrel Rebate Program | Rain Barrels | Summer Watering Restrictions | Water Conservation Kits

Groundwater Protection

Clean groundwater is a vital resource, fundamental to our everyday activities, health, economic well being and ultimately our survival.

A Resident’s Guide | Drinking Water Quality Information | Groundwater Legislation | Groundwater Protection Plan | Local Businesses | Pesticide Users | Private Well Owners | Septic System Users | Storm Drain Marking

Acceptance of New Watermain Construction

When new water mains and water services are constructed within the City of Chilliwack a number of tests are required prior to being connected to the City’s Water System.

Bulk Water Filling Stations

The City of Chilliwack has established a bulk water distribution kiosk on Bailey Road near Matheson Road (Bailey Landfill Access Road).

Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP)

Our Cross Connection Control Program is designed to protect the quality of the water that is already in the system. The program objective is to prevent end users from accidentally introducing contaminants into the system.

CCC Program FAQ

Swimming Pool Draining

When summer rolls to an end, please drain your pool or spa water responsibly. This page explains some options.