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Neighbourhood Planning

Chilliwack Downtown Plan

The vision for the future of downtown Chilliwack has been carefully scrutinized and detailed in a variety of plans.

Chilliwack Mountain Comprehensive Development Plan (1996)

Chilliwack Mountain Comprehensive Development Plan was completed in 1996. Although it was not formally adopted as part of the OCP, it was endorsed by Council and has guided the development of Chilliwack Mountain ever since.

Chilliwack Proper and Fairfield Island Neighbourhoods Plan

The City is undertaking a neighbourhood plan to provide a clear vision for guiding future decisions on infill growth and redevelopment. To make room for new homes as the population of the City grows, larger properties are being subdivided into two or more lots, or in some cases townhouses are added.

Downtown Land Use & Development Plan

The Downtown Land Use and Development Plan was adopted by City Council in June 2010 following an extensive public planning process.The Plan supports 2040 Official Community Plan objectives and contains Downtown neighbourhood policies to address issues and guide development over the next 30 years.

Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption

Revitalization of the downtown is a priority for Council and City Hall. In 2004, the Community Charter was introduced, offering a new revitalization tax exemption opportunity. As a result, the City of Chilliwack established a downtown revitalization tax exemption program.

Eastern Hillsides Comprehensive Area Plan

The City of Chilliwack has completed work on a new plan for the Eastern Hillsides which will outline a comprehensive land use vision for the area and provide a clear guide for future development.

Heritage Conservation

Council recognizes the value and importance of heritage conservation. Because of this, Council initiated a Heritage Strategic Action Plan planning process and oversees a Voluntary Municipal Heritage Designation Program.

Infill Development Policy

On August 6, 2019, Council adopted Policy Directive No. G32 - Infill Development Policy.

Lickman East

The land known as ‘Lickman East’ refers to seven properties located east of Lickman Road, south of Chilliwack Mountain Road, and north of the CN Rail line.

Promontory Development Plan (1994)

The primary purpose of the Promontory Development Plan (1994) is to facilitate the building of a viable, all inclusive community in Promontory.

Webster Road Area Plan

The Webster Road Area Plan encompasses properties bounded by Webster, Keith Wilson and Peach Roads that have been excluded by the Agricultural Land Reserve. This comprehensive plan supports the City's Growth Management Strategy by incorporating compact and diverse housing options, a coordinated greenway and park amenities, and a transition of densities to bordering single family and farm land uses.

Zoning Bylaw Review

Our updated Zoning Bylaw goes to public hearing on August 18! Find out how to give us your feedback.