Downtown Ornamental Street Lighting

Project Details:

The 2020 budget also includes a program to install 77 new LED ornamental streetlights in the downtown area. The benefit will be increased overall road safety and comfort for cyclists and pedestrians. The new streetlight installation will begin fall 2020 for Phase 1, with new streetlights are planned for the following streets:

  • First Ave - Williams St to Young Rd
  • Victoria Ave at Fletcher St intersection
  • Williams St - Reece Ave to Bole Ave
  •  Young Rd at Victoria Ave intersection
  •  Fletcher St - Reece Ave to Mellard Ave
  •  Mellard Ave - Young Rd to Fletcher St
  •  Williams Street - Yale Rd to First Ave

Construction Timeline:

  • All streetlights have been installed;
  • Landscape restoration 

Current Work:

  • Currently lights have been installed and are awaiting connection to Hydro at the following locations:  
    • Bole Ave: west of Williams St
    • Mellard Ave: Young Rd to Fletcher St
    • Fletcher St:  Mellard Ave to Reece Ave
    • Flether St: Victoria to Bole
  • The following locations are now energized:
    • Williams St:  First to Reece
    • First Ave: Young to Williams engergized from Nowell to Williams.  Irrigation is being installed to poles between Young and Nowell
    • Young at Victoria

For more information on street lights in the City, visit our street light page here.

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