Regular maintenance and repair of city roadways, shoulders and signs are conducted by the City’s Public Works Department and include a wide range of activities such as:

  • Road patching
  • Grading of roads and lanes
  • Dust control
  • Shoulder grading and mowing, berm removal and brush cutting
  • Street and bike lane sweeping
  • Guard rail installation and maintenance
  • Sign installation and maintenance

Reporting Potholes

Information on getting potholes repaired and claims for damage to vehicles can be found on our Pothole page.

Street and Bike Path Sweeping

The City has two street sweepers and one bike lane sweeper.  Street sweeper equipment is split north and south of Highway #1 where they work on their areas on a rotational basis and with weekly passes on curb and gutter sections of Yale Road, Vedder Road, Luckakuck Way and Eagle Landing Parkway.

Bike lane sweeping is conducted monthly through the cycling season.  The Public Works Department receives frequent requests from cyclists throughout the summer months, and crews attempt to respond to these requests as soon as possible.

All sweeping requests are reviewed by the Foreman and scheduled on a hazard priority basis.  For example: gravel spills in intersections are swept as soon as possible but winter sand in Promontory subdivisions are swept when we can get there. 

Road Paving

Chilliwack currently has over 650 km of paved roadways.  More information about our Asphalt Paving Program and how roads are prioritized can be found on our Road Paving page.


Sidewalks are installed within the community primarily as a result of private development.  The City's concrete program builds small sections of sidewalk each year in order to create a continuous link through the community.  A review is conducted annually where it is determined which roads will be prioritized for sidewalks based on existing services, pedestrian and vehicle usage, cost and proximity to schools.  If you would like to know which sidewalks are being considered for installation, please email [email protected]  or call the Engineering Department at 604.793.2907.


Potholes giving you grief? Report them here.

Road Paving

High quality roadways reduce the lifecycle of maintenance costs, accommodate all travel modes and incorporate safety engineering.