Equipment & Operations

All resources available are utilized from the Public Works equipment fleet which includes:

  • snow plows/sanders
  • brine spray trucks
  • graders
  • back hoes
  • front end loaders
  • numerous smaller vehicles and equipment.

If required, hired equipment is mobilized to assist in snow clearing operations.

The City does not remove snow and ice to bare pavement conditions, therefore the travelling public is requested to use caution.  Removing snow and ice to the pavement would damage manhole covers and other City infastructure. The motoring public is also advised to ensure proper tires are being used for winter driving conditions and to check that tires are in good condition.

Anti-Icing with Salt Brine

Salt brine is a solution of salt (typically sodium chloride) and water that has a freezing point lower than pure water. As a result, it is a useful tool to use before a winter storm has begun in order to prevent ice and snow from freezing to the road. This is often referred to as anti-icing and is a proactive approach to decrease the likelihood of snow and ice bonding to a pavement surface. It can also prevent frost from forming on pavement surfaces. Typically, anti-icing is done while the weather is dry, using trucks carrying tanks with pumps to spray the brine onto the pavement. In many places, lines or stripes of brine can be seen on a road before a snow event. Some people call these safety stripes!

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