Delegations - Appearing Before Mayor and Council

What is a Delegation?

A delegation is the official term for an individual or group who wishes to present to the Mayor and Council at a Council meeting about a topic within the jurisdiction of the City.

Request to Appear as a Delegation

If a delegation wishes to appear at a Council meeting, a written request must be submitted to the Corporate Officer.

When sending a delegation request, please include the name(s) of those who wish to speak and the subject matter intended to be discussed.

To submit your request, please contact the Corporate Officer at [email protected] or 604.793.2986, or by mail to:

Legislative Services Department
City of Chilliwack
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 8A4

Delegation Guidelines

  • Delegations will be allotted 10 minutes to present.
  • A maximum of two delegations may appear at each Council meeting. If there are more than two delegation requests for the same date, priority will be given to a delegation that has not previously appeared before Council.
  • If your request to appear as a delegation is approved, all presentation materials (including video, photos, PowerPoint presentations) must be submitted to the Corporate Officer by 4:30 pm on the Friday prior to the Council meeting at which you are scheduled to appear.
  • All Council meetings are broadcast live on our website and recorded as official public record. By appearing as a delegation, you are agreeing to your name(s) and presentation becoming a part of the public record.

Please note that not all delegation requests are approved. Below is a list of subject matter that will not be approved:

  • Any topic that is confidential and must be dealt with in a Closed Meeting as per the Community Charter.
  • Any matter for which a Public Hearing or Public Information Meeting has been scheduled or has taken place.
  • Matters that are beyond the jurisdiction of Council.
  • Election campaigning. The City of Chilliwack must be seen as neutral in administering the Local Government Election. Therefore, no delegations to Council related to election campaigning can be permitted.
  • Matters that are contrary to a City policy or legislative requirement. These topics may be addressed to the Mayor and Council in writing for a response.
  • Matters for which another process is already in place (such as submitting a  request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).