Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Section is responsible for managing the Bailey Sanitary Landfill, the Parr Road Green Depot, and the residential curbside recycling and garbage collection program. We are also dedicated to protecting Chilliwack's air and water quality through environmental programs and educational initiatives.  This website contains information about our responsibilities and details ways that you can get involved in the City's environmental programs.

Our Commitment

The City of Chilliwack is firmly committed to preserving our community's environment. Through environmentally sound operations and initiatives, the City's Environmental Services Section is working to develop services for City residents and to manage the reduction, recovery and disposal of Chilliwack's waste stream in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Agriculture and the Environment

As an agricultural community, the City of Chilliwack partners with agriculture to ensure environmental sustainability.

Air Quality, Energy & Greenhouse Gases

Air quality, energy and greenhouse gases are inter-related issues. This webpage provides information about sources of air pollutants and greenhouse gases in Chilliwack, and ways that you can help to improve our air quality and reduce your carbon footprint.

Air Quality Health Index | Air Quality, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Action Plan | Idle-Free | Waste Incineration | What actions can be taken to protect our air? | Wood Burning | Wood Stove Exchange Program

Alternatives to Pesticides

Pesticides are among the most widely-used chemicals in the world, but are also among the most hazardous to human health, sometimes causing serious acute and chronic health effects. Alternatives to pesticides are generally more appropriate and less harmful to humans and the environment in the long run. Making a difference in the environment can begin in our own backyards!


Information and tips on composting.

Wildlife and Plants

Chilliwack is home to range of wildlife, fish, and plant species, from spotted owls to rainbow trout to Sitka spruce.

Gardening for Nature | Invasive species | Species at Risk

Links & Contact Info

Several different levels of government work towards preserving the community's environment. Links and contact information can be found here.