2014-2023 Strategic Master Plan

The City of Chilliwack Parks, Recreation & Culture Department has just completed their 2014 - 2023 Strategic Master Plan which will help set direction on what services in the way of leisure services are needed in our community.

Chilliwack Active For Life

Chilliwack Active for Life is an initiative that involves a number of business and organizations that partner with the City of Chilliwack to deliver a variety of events a programs designed to keep people healthy and active

Activity Log | Chilliwack Walks | Get Active Grade Five

Leisure Access Programs

The strength of a community can often be measeure by the health and wellness of the members with in it. The City of Chilliwack believes that, within reason, its citizens' financial circumstances should not present a barrier for them to access leisure activities.

Leisure Guide - Spring Summer 2020

A complete listing of community programs, groups and events is available through the Leisure Guide which is distributed three times per year to every household in Chilliwack.

Street Entertainer/Busking Program

This program supports entertainers interested in displaying their talents throughout local City parks and the downtown core.

Tennis In Chilliwack

Public Indoor Tennis at The Landing Sports Centre (formerly known as the Ag-Rec Centre), outdoor tennis at various listed locations