2019 Transportation Construction Projects

Lickman Interchange Project

Construction: March - September 2019

This work includes improvements to the north and south portions of the Lickman Interchange. Key improvements on the north side include additional turning lanes at the Yale Road /Industrial Way intersection, and additional southbound climbing lane to the westbound on-ramp. Key improvements on the south side include an additional northbound lane, and additional southbound lane, removal of eastbound off-ramp / on-ramp signal to allow right-turn only at off-ramp, and construction of a two-lane roundabout at the Yale Road / Luckakuck Way intersection. Improvements also include extension of the northbound left turn lane on the suspended portion over Highway 1 as well as bike lanes in both directions on Lickman Road.

For more information, visit the project webpage.

2018 Transportation Construction Projects

Cultus Lake Road & Vedder Mountain Road Roundabout

Construction: January - June 2018 and September - December 2018

In November final paving and line painting was completed for the project.   Signage, streetlighting and boulevard restoration was completed in December while final wall railings and roundabout landscaping is scheduled for early in the new year. 

Valley Rail Trail North Phase 1

Construction:  June - November 2018

The Valley Rail Trail from Luckakuck Way north over the Trans-Canada Highway and Chilliwack Creek to Airport Road was opened to the public on November 24, 2018.

This work includes construction of a cantilevered pedestrian/cyclist pathway off the western side of the existing rail bridge over the Trans-Canada Highway, a new bridge over the Chilliwack River, signage and traffic signals at Airport Road and approximately 900m of trail construction. This project is funded in part by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure.

Promontory Road & Chilliwack River Road Intersection

Construction: March - November 2018

The new signal was put into operation on November 7, 2018.  Final paving, line painting and landscaping was completed by the end of November.  Key improvements include adding an eastbound left turn lane, a westbound right turn lane and aligning the Promontory Lake Estates driveway to improve access and safety.

Signalization of Evans Road & Stevenson Road Intersection and Evans Road Widening

Construction: March - November 2018

Then new signal was put into operation November 6, 2018.  Improvements including signalization and road widening from the Southern Rail Crossing to the curve to allow for turning lanes at the intersection.

Portage Avenue Sidewalk

Construction: July - August 2018

Concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk along with street lighting and necessary drainage
improvements along the south side of Portage Avenue from Menzies Street to 46730
Portage Avenue. To improve student access and safety to Little Mountain Elementary School.

Selkirk Street Sidewalk

Construction: March 2018

Concrete sidewalk and street lighting along the west side of Selkirk Street from Balmoral Drive to Tyson Elementary School.

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