Completed Construction Projects

Learn about past construction projects that happened in your neighbourhood and around Chilliwack.

Airport – Broadway Corridor Bike Lanes & Paving Project

The City is in the process of asphalt rehabilitation and installation of protected bike lanes on Airport Rd and Broadway.

Camp River Road

Along various sections of Camp River Road, the watercourse banks have eroded causing road base material and sections of roadway to weaken, undermine and collapse.

Downtown Ornamental Street Lighting

New LED ornamental streetlights are being installed in the downtown area.

Evans Road Connector

The Evans Road Connector links Chilliwack south with the north, via Evans Road that links with the Evans Parkway and Ashwell Road. Wondering if you are driving the Roundabout correctly - check out the Roundabout simulator.

Hope River Road

Along various sections of Hope River Road, the watercourse banks have eroded causing road base materials and sections of roadway to weaken, undermine and collapse.

Mary Street at Hodgins Avenue (Traffic Signal Upgrade)

The traffic signal upgrades will include a new signal controller and new left turn signals for eastbound and westbound traffic from Hodgins Avenue onto Mary Street.

Prest Road and Chilliwack Central Road Roundabout

Building a new single-lane roundabout at Prest Rd and Chilliwack Central to replace 4 way stop controlled intersection.

Prest Road Widening and Semiault Bridge Replacement

Full road closure on Prest between McGuire and Prairie Central from June 21 - September 3 for bridge works.

Princess Avenue Parking Lot

The City has constructed a new 34 stall parking lot at the intersection of Nowell Street and Princess Avenue, next to District 1881 in Downtown Chilliwack.

Spruce Drive, Sheffield Way and Britton Avenue Bike Lane Project

Upgrades to the cycling infrastructure along this route to provide a cycling link from Sardis-Vedder to downtown Chilliwack.

Valley Rail Trail North Phase 2

New paved multi-use Valley Rail Trail extension spanning from Airport Road to Hocking Avenue.

Vedder Bridge Replacement Project

Watch the video that celebrates the completion of the new Vedder Bridge and recognizes the important role it plays in our community.

Williams Street & Yale Road Storm Main Replacement

Replacement and upsizing of deteriorating storm drainage pipe originally installed in the 1950s.