LED Streetlight Conversion Program

Project Details

The City is converting existing City-owned ornamental streetlight fixtures to LED lighting. All existing and retrofitted LED davit streetlights will have GPS coordinates, notes on the pole condition, existing/new LED and changes to wattage. The GPS data assists in City infrastructure record management, maintenance, warranty and billing processes. 

There are two phases to this project. The first phase is complete and the second phase is underway.

To learn more about LED street lighting retrofit conversion, we have an LED Fact Sheet.

Current Works

Phase 2 of the project began. During this phase, streetlights on the southside of the highway will be converted to LED.

  • As of November 2023, approximately half of the lights have been changed to LED
  • Lights that have been changed and those yet to be done are shown in the table below:
Road Type To Be Completed Done as of November 7
Local 282 867
Arterial & Major Collector 239 -
Minor Collector 211 -
Signalized Intersection 139 -
Totals 871 867

Completed Works

Phase 1 of the project is complete. Streetlights on the northside of the highway have all been converted to LED.


A map of completed locations of streetlights that have been converted can be found here.


  • Savings of approximately 50% on Hydro costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.  The lights have an expected 20-year lifespan compared to 5-year lifespan for the HPS lights
  • Even light distribution
  • Light trespass reduction
  • Adaptable for future "smart city" features

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