LED Streetlight Conversion Program

Project Details

The City is converting existing City-owned ornamental streetlight fixtures to LED lighting. All existing and retrofitted LED davit streetlights will have GPS coordinates, notes on the pole condition, existing/new LED and changes to wattage. The GPS data assists in City infrastructure record management, maintenance, warranty and billing processes.

Current Works

  • In phase 2 of the project, streetlights on the southside of the highway will be converted to LED
    • Design is complete
    • Tenders will be awarded

Completed Works

  • Phase 1 of the project is complete
    • Streetlights on the northside of the highway have all been converted to LED



Yarrow LED Retrofit Locations

Sardis LED Retrofit Locations

Promontory LED Retrofit Locations


  • Savings of approximately 50% on Hydro costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.  The lights have an expected 20-year lifespan compared to 5-year lifespan for HPS
  • Even light distribution
  • Light trespass reduction
  • Adaptable for future "smart city" features

Fact Sheet

To learn more about LED street lighting retrofit conversion, we have a LED Fact Sheet

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Description Date File Size 
LED Fact Sheet 2021-02-23 118KB 
Promontory LED Retrofit Map 2022-02-01 293KB 
Sardis LED Retrofit Map 2022-02-01 266KB 
Yarrow LED Retrofit Map 2022-02-01 154KB