LED Streetlight Conversion Program

Project Details

The City plans to convert existing City owned ornamental streetlight fixtures to LED lighting.  Phase 1 of the project will include the retrofit installation of approximately 1000 LED fixtures for roadways north of Highway 1.   

Phase 2 electrical design works will be issued in summer 2021 and will include LED conversion for roadways south of Highway 1 and signalized intersections.


  • Savings of approximately 50% on Hydro costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.  The lights have an expected 20-year lifespan compared to 5-year lifespan for HPS
  • Even light distribution
  • Light trespass reduction
  • Adaptable for future "smart city" features

Construction Timeline

  • Phase 1:  April to July 2021
  • Phase 2:  anticipated completion by December 2021

Fact Sheet

Click here to view the LED Fact Sheet

Retrofitted Areas

  • Areas shown in yellow on the map below have been confirmed as retrofitted with LED street lighting.

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