Vedder & South Sumas Intersection

Construction Notices

The City has worked with the contractor to develop a schedule to minimize traffic congestion as much as possible during school days and summer. The public can expect some congestion and should plan an alternate route when possible.

The contractor has committed to measures to minimize noise during night construction when possible.

Phase 3 - all areas, September 2023

  • Night Paving 6pm - 6am Sunday, Sept 17 and Monday, Sept 18:
  • Day work will include:
    • Concrete sidewalk pours
    • Traffic signal programming and commissioning
    • Final line markings
    • Boulevard Restorations

    Project Details

    • Works include traffic signal expansion and approximately 260m of road widening complete with paving, BC Hydro/Telus pole relocations, drainage works, streetlights, curb and sidewalk
    • Dedicated left-turn lanes on Vedder Road for traffic heading eastbound and westbound on South Sumas Road will be added
    • Construction will occur from May to September 2023

    Completed Works

    • BC Hydro pole relocation and watermain adjustments
    • Storm-ceptor and drywell storm sewer systems
    • Streetlighting ducting and pole bases
    • Traffic controller relocation
    • Catch basins, sump and catch basin leads
    • Clearing and grubbing boulevard areas for construction
    • Removal of sidewalk and preparation of new sidewalk area

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