Property Line Information:
Questions about your property lines or survey information should be directed to the Building Department at 604-793-2905.

On-line Mapping

Our on-line mapping system allows you to view property information, water, sewer, drainage, zoning and more.

Chilliwack Road Maps

Comprehensive road maps for the Chilliwack area.

Open Data

Open and accessible data is defined as non-personally identifiable data that is made freely available to everyone in one or more open and accessible formats.

Open Data Catalogue | Data Formats | Terms of Use

Regulatory Maps

Downloadable maps associated with many of the most commonly requested regulatory bylaws.

Underground Utilities

These downloadable map show the City of Chilliwack Underground Utilities.

Drainage | Sanitary Sewer | Waterworks

Zoning Maps

Downloadable maps of land use zoning as specified in Schedule A of Zoning Bylaw 2001, No. 2800.