Curbside Recycling, Compostables and Garbage Collection

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about the curbside recycling program
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about the compostables program
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about the curbside garbage collection program

Curbside Basics:

  • Materials not collected?  Visit our Missed Collections page for tips to help ensure your materials are collection-friendly and call Emterra Environmental at 604.795.7795 to report a missed collection.
  • Collection schedule & general information: Visit our Collection Days and Curbside Guide webpage, use the search tool below, or call the curbside program information line at 604.793.2787.
  • Have extra garbage or yard waste that needs collection?  Visit our Tag-a-Bag Stickers page for details.


Chilliwack Curbside Collection App: Personalized Collection Schedules & Recycling/Disposal Search Tool

Look up your collection schedule, set collection reminders, and search for recycling and disposal options below or through the Chilliwack Curbside Collection mobile app.   The mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Collection Days & Curbside Guide

Use this guide & application to find out what day your materials will be picked up and more.

Open-Top Containers

Garbage and recycling containers must have lids to prevent litter

Applications & Exemptions

Information on applying to join, or requesting an exempt from, the curbside program.

Collection Fees

Curbside Collection service fees

Curbside Garbage Collection Program

Information about garbage collection, including container requirements and limits, for residents on the City's Curbside Collection Program.

Missed Collections & Severe Weather

What to do if your material was missed or severe weather disrupts curbside collection

Tag-a-Bag Stickers

Tag-a-Bag stickers are required for additional garbage or yard waste placed at the curb for collection