Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre

The Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre features eight sheets of ice and flexible community space for a wide variety of events and activities.

Chilliwack Heritage Park

The Chilliwack Heritage Park is the Fraser Valley’s premiere site for fairs, festivals, family events and motor sports.

Chilliwack Museum & Archives

Since 1958, The Chilliwack Museum and Archives have been collecting objects and records related to the history of the Chilliwack area.

Dog Off-Leash Areas

Certain areas around Chilliwack are designated as off-leash areas for dogs. Off-leash areas are great places to let your pooch loose to run, play and enjoy a social environment.

Evergreen Hall

Various sized rooms are the perfect setting for your meeting, conference, banquet, dance, gymnasium activities or social requirements.

Fraser Valley Regional Library

There is more to the library than books. You'll also find videos, newspapers and magazines, telephone and business directories, reference materials on CD-ROM, government reports, maps and pamphlets, and more.

Yarrow StoryWalk

Perfect Mind Facility Online Availability Viewing Portal

View availability for arena rentals, facility rentals or field and park rentals. To book an available space, please contact the City via phone or email.

Spray Parks

Spray parks are popular places for toddlers and children to keep cool on a hot summer day. There are three spray parks in Chilliwack.

Yarrow Community Centre

The Yarrow Community Centre is operated by the Yarrow Ratepayers Association, a registered charity.