Committees/Task Forces

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees to Council have their own mandate or 'Terms of Reference,' with committees comprised of two Council members (as Chair and Vice Chair), organization/business representatives, community representatives, and appropriate City staff.

To learn more about what each committee does, please click on the committee names below.

Accessibility and Inclusion Advisory Committee

This committee will assist in identifying accessibility barriers for individuals using City of Chilliwack services, including parks and civic facilities, advise Council on how to remove and prevent those barriers, and advise on the development of an Accessibility Plan.

Accessibility Advisory Panel

Affordable Housing & Development Advisory Committee

This committee serves as an advisory/liaison body between Council and the development, building, and real estate community.

Agricultural & Rural Advisory Committee

The committee looks at policy issues with respect to service delivery in rural areas and also provides advice to Council on matters relating to agriculture, agri-business and agri-tourism.

Chilliwack Parks and Trails Advisory Committee

This committee serves as an advisory/liaison body between Council and park/ trail users within the City.

Design Review Advisory Committee

The purpose of DRAC is to serve as an advisory body to Council for design related issues. They evaluate applications with respect to the form and character guidelines established in Development Permit Areas No. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. For each application the committee’s recommendations and the developer’s response will be summarized in a staff report for Council’s consideration.

Heritage Advisory Committee

The purpose of the committee is to provide recommendations to Council regarding the development of a Heritage Action Plan for Chilliwack.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The committee will be advisory to Council with respect to public art and policies and their application to promote and facilitate the integration of public art throughout the City of Chilliwack.

Public Safety Advisory Committee

The committee addresses bylaw matters related to public safety, downtown concerns, fire regulations and safety issues, as well as proceeds from crime.

Transportation Advisory Committee

The purpose of TAC is to serve as an advisory/liaison body between Council and the public. The committee will concentrate its efforts on policy and procedural issues relating to transportation, traffic management and transit.