Roadway Markings Program

Background Information

Every year, staff drive all 300km of the City’s roads to assess the conditions of line markings and determine what needs to be painted. That information is then shared with the City’s line marking contractor, Infinite Road Marking Ltd., to complete any necessary works.

There are two main types of markings that will be completed as part of this year’s program - paint and thermoplastic. Paint is installed for most of the lines as it is lower cost and easier to apply. Thermoplastic is a melted plastic material that is thicker, more durable, and more visible. Thermoplastic is installed on all new roads and for stop bars, crosswalks, and in roundabouts.

2023 Program Details

The line marking inventory will be completed at the end of July and Infinite Road Marking Ltd. will be on the City’s roads shortly after to complete the work.