Mary Street Corridor Improvements (Hodgins Ave to Wellington Ave)

Project Details

Improvements are scheduled in 2022-2024 that include:

  • Buffered bike lanes
  • RRFB (rectangular rapid flashing beacons)  installation at the Kipp Avenue crosswalk
  • Curb bulges to improve pedestrian safety and crossing distance
  • Conversion of angled parking to parallel parking to accommodate buffered bike lanes
  • New LED streetlights from Spadina Avenue to Wellington Avenue

Construction Schedule

Phase 1 (Fall 2022)

Phase 1 is completed and included the following works:

  • Streetlighting
  • RRFB at the Kipp Avenue crosswalk
  • Detailed design - 95% completed

Phase 2 (Fall 2023 - Spring 2024)

  • Storm drainage works
  • Curb bulges
  • Asphalt paving
  • Bike lane and parking lane line marking
  • Signage changes

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