Long Range Planning

The Official Community Plan; Neighbourhood Planning (Chilliwack Mountain, Promontory, Webster Road, Downtown Chilliwack, Eastern Hillsides and Lickman East, and Revitalization Tax Exemption); Age-Friendly Community Planning; Affordable Housing Strategy; Agricultural Area Planning; and the Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan.

2040 Official Community Plan | Agricultural Area Planning | Chilliwack Healthier Community | Chilliwack Housing Needs Report | CSRPC Quality of Life Survey 2014 | Design Guidelines for Gates | Design Guidelines for Window Decals | Downtown Task Force Report | Let's Talk Child Care in Chilliwack | Sardis Neighbourhood Plan | Secondary Suites | Seniors' Housing Study

Residential Parking Study

This study was initiated to consider alternative parking solutions to support the new Zoning Bylaw and to meet anticipated future parking demands.

Urban Beekeeping

To promote beekeeping and support the local agricultural industry, the City has recently adopted text amendments to the Zoning Bylaw to allow for residents to keep bees in urban areas. An Urban Beekeeping Bylaw will be will be brought forward for Council consideration in April 2019.

Zoning & Business Licence Regulations for Retail Cannabis Stores

Once the planned federal Cannabis Act comes into force and effect, the City will oversee retail locations and rules, land use and zoning. New zoning and business licence regulations have been prepared.

Adaptable Housing

Adaptable Housing is an approach to residential design and construction in which homes can be modified at minimal cost to meet occupants’ changing needs over time.


Kennels and the approval process.

Landscaping Plan Requirements

Landscaping Plan Requirements For Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Development