Safe Roads

Winter Safety Tips

Here are some tips to stay safe on roads during the winter to keep you, your loved ones and other road users safe.

Safe Driving

  • Plan Ahead
    • Keep your gas tank topped up when winter weather is in the forecast
    • Get winter tires for better traction for snow and ice
    • Allow time to clear snow and ice off your vehicle including your hood, roof, windows and lights
    • Allow time for a longer commute
    • Planning a road trip? Check road conditions before you go
    • Have an emergency vehicle kit. Items to include:
      • Snow scraper/brush
      • Flashlight
      • Booster cables
      • Blanket 
      • Small Shovel 
      • Windshield washer fluid
    • Winter Driving Tips:
      • Drive slowly and leave plenty of distance between vehicles
      • Turn your lights to help other drivers and road users see you
Pedestrian Safety
    • Cross only at intersections and crosswalks
    • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing because drivers take longer than usual to stop in slippery conditions
    • Watch for vehicles before stepping out from behind snowbanks
    • Wear bright or reflecting clothing
    • Wear proper and well-maintained footwear to reduce your risk of falling on slippery surfaces
    • Walk on sidewalks whenever they are available; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic

The 5'E's- Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Engagement, Evaluation

Safer Roads integrates and leverages a 5'E' approach; Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Engagement, and Evaluation into one framework to maximize key resources.

Auto Crime

Protect yourself against auto crime

Child Car Seat Safety

Purchasing a child car seat or booster seat; the installation of a child car seat; or looking to find information on child seat safety this page has the links to help with your search.

Cycling Safety

Did you know that the Motor Vehicle Act and City Bylaw apply to cylists too? Cyclists have the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle.

Distracted Driving

As of January 1, 2010, B.C.'s new law makes it illegal for drivers to use hand-held cellphones and other portable electronic devices while driving.

Farm Vehicle Safety

Please do your part to keep our local farmers and yourself safe on the roads.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving continues to take a deadly toll on our roads.


The City of Chilliwack is seeking a balanced approach to the issue that accomodates the desire to longboard in the community while minimizing the inherent risks and other concerns.

Low-Powered Vehicles

Low-powered vehicles; where can you ride scooters and bicycles with an electric motor; what are the rules for motorized wheelchairs for on road usage.

Pedestrian Safety

Share the responsibility for pedestrian safety. How do pedestrian signals work? Although there are only two lights for pedestrian signals there are three distinct phases; the walk, flashing hand and steady hand.

Rail Safety

It is a shared responsibility to stay safe around tracks and trains

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB)

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) are highly visible, strobe-like devices activated by pedestrians or cyclists who are intending to cross at a crosswalk.

Roadway Signs

A description on roadway signage; examples of signs; type of enforcement; explanations for drivers


Driving Tips for Modern Roundabouts, Frequently Asked Roundabout Questions

Safer School Travel Program

The Safer School Travel Program is an electronic web-based tool developed to assist Parent Advisory Committees (PAC's) in developing school road safety plans.

About Safer School Travel (SST) | Central Elementary Community School | F G Leary Fine Arts Elementary | Promontory Heights Community School | Robertson Elementary | Tyson Elementary | Unsworth Elementary | Vedder Elementary | Yarrow Elementary

School Bus Safety

All drivers must stop when red lights are flashing on a school bus. Please follow the signs, every time.

Truck Routes & Commercial Vehicles

Find out the details of the Approved Municipal Truck Routes in Chilliwack

Turn Signals

Signals are important, they let other traffic know what your are intending to do

Intersection Safety

The goal of these projects is to see a reduction in the number and severity of crashes by changes in driver behavior.