Wildlife and Plants

Chilliwack is home to range of wildlife, fish, and plant species, from spotted owls to rainbow trout to Sitka spruce. The valley climate is a hybrid of warm and wet maritime, and colder continental. The City of Chilliwack is located within the lower reaches of the Chilliwack River Watershed, where the flood plain creates fertile agricultural land, and is also suitable for development.

The diverse topography, including flat lowlands, treed hillsides, and many stream and creeks, creates suitable habitat for a variety of species.  Among these are designated species at risk, which are part of the national Species at Risk Public Registry (SARA). To obtain specific information on invasive species (non-native) in Chilliwack, visit the Invasive Plants page.

Invasive species

Invasive species are plants and animals that are not native to our area and can negatively affect our economy, environment, and our health.

European Fire Ants | Japanese Knotweed

Species at Risk

This webpage provides information on Species at Risk in Chilliwack