2040 Official Community Plan

The 2040 Official Community Plan presents a long term vision and growth strategy that embraces all aspect of community development, ranging from physical planning (land use/transportation/utility), to economic development, environmental protection/enhancement, and social/cultural initiatives. At the same time, it addresses specific current and future challenges that confront Chilliwack and recommends practical solutions and a consistent strategy. Ultimately, 2040 OCP represents a unified vision that brings all of the City’s initiatives, works and plans together and moves toward a healthier community. Specifically, the 2040 OCP sets clear directions for:

  • Hillside development;
  • Long term growth challenges (residential, commercial, industrial and institutional/civic use and public amenities) and the protection of the Agricultural Land Reserve;
  • Establishing a data base for environmentally sensitive areas and assets; and
  • Incorporating social/cultural policies and healthy community goals

The Plan articulates the City’s healthy, engaged, sustainable community vision, and proposes five main goals from which more specific objectives and policies evolve. In recommending future land use designations, the Plan explains each designation’s intent and describes how the designation regulates future land uses, thus making the plan more user-friendly.

The following are links to different parts of the Plan: