Railways in Chilliwack

Railway Grade Crossing Standards and Regulations

Railway Grade Crossing Standards and Regulations are a set of documents that detail requirements for all existing and new railway grade crossings in Canada. New standards were brought into force for railways regulated by Transport Canada in November 2014 and for railways regulated by Technical Safety BC in September 2020. 

The date for compliance for all crossings is January 1, 2028. The prime directive is to improve safety at rail/road grade crossings in terms of surface condition, signage, sightlines, geometry and circuitry.

CN Rail has completed works necessary to meet requirements. Southern Railway is currently working completing necessary works to be compliant.

Upcoming Works

  • Knight Road at the Valley Rail Trail east of Vedder Road is currently under detailed design for this Southern Railway crossing. Upgrades will include:
    • Crossing flashing lights, bells and gates
    • Civil works connecting to bike lanes and sidewalks
    • Crosswalk improvements for the Valley Rail Trail
  • Yale Road (Rosedale) - resurfacing asphalt at crossing
  • Annis Road (Rosedale) - resurfacing asphalt at crossing

New Railway Crossing Signals

Newly installed railway crossing flashing lights, bells and gate systems are now operational at  the following two Southern Railway locations:

    • Yarrow Central Road east of Wilson Road
    • Vedder Road north of Spruce Drive

    Surface Crossing Repairs/Improvements

    Constant vibration of vehicles and trains over the crossing surface leads to the deterioration of the ties and surface materials.

    The following railway crossings and rail repairs were completed in 2024:

    CN Railway

    • Lickman Road
    • Prairie Central Road
    • Yale Road

    The following railway crossings and rail repairs were completed in 2023:

    CN Railway Southern Railway
    Prest Rd Yarrow Central Rd
    Lickman Rd Lickman Rd
    Industrial Way Vedder Rd
    Ford Rd
    Nevin Rd
    McGrath Rd
    Gibson Rd


    Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) and Southern Railway (SRY Rail link) operate two railway lines within the City of Chilliwack.

    • 40 km of railway lines run through Chilliwack (approx. 24 km of CN and 16 km of SRY).
    • 31 railway crossing locations intersect with our roadway network.
    • Railways help reduce congestion on highways.
    • Transportation of natural resources, manufactured products, and finished goods throughout North America each year.
    • Railway crossings intersect roads along their route and require maintenance and repairs from time to time.

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