Missed Collections & Severe Weather

Missed Collection?

Most homes are served by multiple trucks, with recycling, garbage, and compostables trucks arriving at different times to pick up different materials.

Collections start at 7:00am and crews have until 5:00pm to finish collections, unless severe weather or other unforeseen disruptions cause collection delays.

To help ensure your materials are collected, please:

  • set your materials out by 7:00am
  • use appropriate containers with lids and handles
  • ensure your materials are properly sorted
  • ensure your materials are placed within 2m/6.5ft of the curb
  • do not exceed the allowable container/bag weight and size limits listed in the Curbside Collection Guide
  • place Tag-a-Bag stickers on over limit containers/bags of garbage or yard waste
  • ensure "We Recycle" decals on recycling containers are visible to crews
  • ensure materials are not hidden behind a vehicle, hedge, etc.

If you think your materials were missed please:

  1. Check your cans/bags for an "Information Tag", which may explain why materials could not be collected
  2. If there is no tag, please call Emterra at 604.795.7795, email curbside@chilliwack.com or use the "Report a Problem" feature in the Chilliwack Curbside Collection App.

If Severe Weather Disrupts Curbside Collection:

The curbside contractor makes every effort to perform collections, but there may be times when severe weather prevents collection.  Waste collection is important, but the safety of people and property comes first.

If areas are unable to be safely accessed, customers will be notified through the Curbside Collection App and information posted on our main Curbside Program webpage.  If possible, a make-up collection may be arranged. 

Customers who do not receive service (e.g. if a make-up collection isn't possible) will be allowed to place up to twice their normal limit of materials at the curb the following regular collection day. In this case, the collection of extra materials will be free of charge and no Tag-a-Bag stickers will be needed.

Severe Weather

Curbside Collection during severe weather