Curbside Garbage and Glass Collection Program


Garbage and glass can be placed at the curb for collection every two weeks. They are collected by separate trucks with garbage usually collected earlier than glass so we ask residents to please leave Grey Bins out for collection until 5 pm.

Curbside Garbage Collection

You can reduce the amount of garbage going into the landfill by properly sorting out items that are accepted for recycling and composting.

Below is a list of materials accepted for curbside garbage. All garbage must be contained in a tied bag, no loose items will be accepted.

Items not accepted as curbside garbage may be disposed of at the depots or Bailey Landfill.

Below is a list material not accepted for curbside garbage.

Looking for recycling/disposal options for items not listed here, please use the Waste Wizard page. 

Residents are allowed up to TWO garbage containers or bags placed out for collection. Containers or bags should not weigh more than 25kg or 55lbs. If you have more materials you can use Tag-a-Bag stickers for extra bags or containers. To purchase stickers please visit Collection Fees & Tag-a-Bag Stickers page.

You may also bring your extra material to the Bailey Sanitary Landfill at 5940 Matheson Road. A fee based on weight will be applied with a minimum charge of $5.00.

For information regarding garbage container size and limits please visit our Container Requirements and Allowable Limits Information page.

Q1: Why do we have bi-weekly garbage collection?

Bi-weekly (once every two weeks) garbage collection helps reduce the cost of collection, which means a reduced utility bill for residents compared to weekly garbage collection. There is less need for weekly garbage collection since food waste is separated and collected weekly. Removal of the compostable materials also means that the residual garbage has reduced odours.

Bi-weekly garbage collection also helps ensure that less waste ends up in our landfill by providing an incentive for residents to participate in the weekly curbside compostables collection program to compost their food, food-soiled paper and yard waste. Many other municipalities in the Lower Mainland also have bi-weekly collection, for the above reasons.

Please note that residents are able to place up to two, 120L garbage containers (or bags) out for collection every two weeks.

Q2: I have large items to dispose of, but no truck. Can the City help?

Register for our annual spring Residential Large Item Pick Up - Non-profit organizations will pick up unwanted large items / spring cleaning debris for disposal in exchange for a donation.

Curbside Glass Collection

Recycled glass is used to create new glass bottles, sandblasting materials, and construction aggregate here in BC. Glass can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality, making it a great circular economy material. Please visit How To Recycle Glass » Recycle BC - Making a difference together.

Please clean and empty glass and jars before placing them in the Grey Bin. Remove lids and place in Mixed Recycling (Blue bin). Beverage bottles are refundable at the depots.

Below is a list of materials accepted for Curbside Glass collection.

Below is a list of materials not accepted for Curbside Glass collection.

Donate items, if possible, or use the Waste Wizard to confirm disposal options. 

For information regarding the Grey Bin and limit requirements please visit Container Requirements and Allowable Limits Information page.

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