Open-Top Containers

The City of Chilliwack is responding to concerns from residents about materials blowing out of open garbage/recycling containers and creating a mess in neighbourhoods.

Although the requirement for containers to have lids is not new, the City and Emterra Environmental are taking additional measures to seek compliance, in light of the increasing complaints that have been received.

Residents are not required to purchase new containers and may choose to place materials in a bag or purchase a lid for their existing bin (lids for blue boxes and other containers are available at some of the local hardware stores).    

If you choose to purchase a new container, please ensure it is a maximum size of 120L (32 gal) and has handles for lifting.  If the bin you purchase is for recycling, "We Recycle" stickers are available for free at City Hall to make the bin easily identifiable by the collection crews.

Please call the Engineering Department at 604.793.2787 if you have any questions.