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The City provides curbside pickup program for Single Family Dwellings and some Multi-Family Complexes and does not provide services for commercial businesses. Multi-Family Complexes may apply to join the program once an assessment is carried out to confirm there is sufficient access available to provide curbside service to all units. If approved, all units in the complex will be part of the City's Curbside Program.

The City has also been working with the Fraser Valley Regional District to ultimately expand compostables diversion to other sectors such as multi-family residences, businesses, schools, and health facilities. The FVRD’s Solid Waste Removal Regulations Bylaw came into effect April 2020 that requires residents of multi-family complexes, commercial and institutional properties to separate all garbage, recyclables and compostable materials into different containers and have them collected by a private hauler. For more information, click here.

Download an application package for Multi-Family curbside collection service below. 

For your convenience, completed (and scanned) application forms may be submitted by email to [email protected] or by mail/drop-off to City Hall.

Since May 1, 2017, the City’s Curbside Collection Program includes weekly organics/compostables (food, food-soiled paper and yard waste) and recycling collection along with a switch to bi-weekly garbage collection.

Historically, exemptions could be granted for the garbage portion of the curbside service. Prior to implementing the curbside program changes in May 2017, the City completed a comprehensive financial review of the exemption program and because garbage collection has been reduced from weekly to bi-weekly for all residents, the garbage portion of curbside fees has decreased significantly. The response from the collection contractors was that there are not any cost-savings for vacation exemptions since the contractor still has to run the same number of collection vehicles and crews. Based on the findings of the review and given the administrative efforts associated with the exemption program, the curbside program has been standardized to remove exemptions. Although short-term savings during vacancies are no longer viable, standardizing the curbside program has helped to keep overall program costs down for all residents, all year.

All exemptions expired on April 30, 2017.*

*Owners of properties rendered uninhabitable by fire or natural disaster, or under demolition may still apply for discontinuation of curbside collection service. Proof of fire destruction or demolition is required.

Please call 604.793.2907 for more information.

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