Bailey Sanitary Landfill

Construction Notice at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill Recycling Depot Only

Starting Wednesday, April 25, there will be ongoing construction at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill Recycling Depot that may result in longer wait times. The City is replacing all 6 cubic yard bins with three compactors that will better accommodate residents recycling materials. The anticipated duration of the first phase of construction is up to three weeks.

Wait times can vary at the Bailey Landfill. Priority may be given to commercial haulers during busy periods. Please be respectful to the staff operating the site. Disrespectful language, bullying, and harassment will not be tolerated.

Check the Bailey Landfill traffic cameras to plan out your trip!

The Bailey Sanitary Landfill accepts materials generated from the following six cities and electoral areas: City of Chilliwack, District of Kent, Village of Harrison Hot Springs, and Electoral Areas "D", "E", and "H" of the Fraser Valley Regional District, (Popkum, Bridal Falls, Chilliwack River Valley, Columbia Valley and Cultus Lake).

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Closed during the following
2024 Holidays:
Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Feb 19 - Family Day
March 29 - Good Friday
May 20 - Victoria Day
July 1 - Canada Day
Aug 5 - B.C. Day
Sept 2 - Labour Day
Sept 30 -National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Oct 14 - Thanksgiving Day
Nov 11 - Remembrance Day
Dec 25 - Christmas Day


The Bailey Landfill is located at 5940 Matheson Road,off of Bailey Road.

For further information call the City of Chilliwack's Engineering Department at
604-793-2907. No phone number is available to contact the Bailey Landfill directly. Customers must be able to offload their own materials. Traffic queue lengths can be viewed by clicking on the "Bailey Landfill Traffic Cameras" link above.

Disposal Fees

The Bailey Landfill is a low-cost option to dispose of waste, many items are able to be disposed of for the minimum rate of $5! To estimate how much your landfill trip will cost, use the Landfill Cost Estimator.

Disposal fees are provided in the table below. There is a fee structure for customers transporting large quantities of waste (> 300 tonnes per month). The complete modified fee structure can be referred to in the "Landfill Disposal Fees", which also includes a complete list of disposal fees and banned material surcharges. This complete list forms Schedule "E" of the Solid Waste Management Bylaw.

Accepted forms of payment: cash, debit, Mastercard, and Visa. 

Disposal Fees At Bailey Sanitary Landfill

Type of Material Fee* Unit
Minimum charge for Garbage, Compostable Waste or Scrap Metal $5.00     per load
Garbage, Compostable Waste or Scrap Metal
(up to 5 tonnes per load)
$110.00     per metric   tonne
Garbage, Compostable Waste or Scrap Metal
(weighing more than 5 tonnes per load)
$105.00     per metric   tonne

Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable (MARR) Household Appliances    (details on accepted products can be found at


Clean Soil, Rocks, Sod and Small Concrete
(less than 30 cm in any dimension and free of rebar, analytical results may be required for soil, minimum charge of $5.00 per load)

$34.00     per metric   tonne

Gypsum not including Asbestos Waste                                                               (without prohibited contamination, minimum charge of $5.00 per load)

$169.00     per metric   tonne

Minimum charge for Asbestos Waste originating from within the City of Chilliwack

$20.00     per load

Asbestos Waste originating from within the City of Chilliwack

$194.00     per metric   tonne

Minimum charge for Asbestos Waste originating from outside the City of Chilliwack

$25.00     per load
Asbestos Waste originating from outside the City of Chilliwack $227.00     per metric   tonne
Permitted Special Waste Surcharge
(Waste Mgt. Branch, Min. of Environment)
$300.00     per   manifest/load

* rounded up to the nearest $0.25 where applicable

Check out the Landfill Cost Estimator page to estimate how much your trip to the landfill will cost!

Disposing of Drywall and Other Building Materials?

Many building materials used before 1990 contain asbestos and require special handling (refer to Asbestos Waste page). These materials cannot be disposed of as regular waste at the Bailey Landfill. 

Drywall Disposal

There are specific restrictions and documentation requirements that must be met to drop of drywall waste at the Bailey Landfill, please visit the Drywall and Building Materials page for details.

Disposing of Asbestos Waste?

Asbestos Waste Disposal

The Bailey Landfill accepts asbestos waste from the following cities/areas within the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD):

  • City of Chilliwack
  • Electoral Area D (Popkum/Bridal Falls)
  • Electoral Area E (Chilliwack River Valley)
  • Electoral Area H (Cultus Lake/Columbia Valley)
  • Harrison Hot Springs
  • Kent/Agassiz

There are specific documentation requirements, quantity limits and material preparation requirements that must be met to drop off Asbestos waste at the Bailey Landfill. Please visit the Asbestos Waste Page for more details.

Disposing of Large Diameter Clean Wood and Yard Waste Pieces Greater than 360 mm in Diameter?

The Bailey Landfill does not accept clean wood and yard waste pieces such as stumps, logs, log cut offs, firewood, and large diameter tree trimmings that are greater than 360 mm in diameter. Materials greater than 360 mm in diameter that have not been painted, stained, or treated, can be taken to the Parr Road Green Depot for disposal at a cost of $120/tonne. Alternatively, you may click here for other oversized disposal options, or visit the link "Disposal Options - Large Diameter Clean Wood and Yard Waste" at the bottom of the page.

Recycling at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill

The following items can be taken to the Bailey Sanitary Landfill for recycling or composting:   

  • gypsum wallboard (conditions must be met)
  • household batteries (no car batteries)
  • major household appliances (check for accepted items)
  • scrap metal and tin
  • food waste and food-soiled paper for composting
  • wood and yard waste for composting (maximum 360 mm diameter limb size)
  • used liquid cooking oil
  • propane tanks (residential quantities)
  • The Municipal Recycling Depot at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill also accepts all items recyclable through the Curbside Recycling Program.

Materials Banned from the Bailey Sanitary Landfill:

Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2019, No. 4660 bans the tipping of various recyclable and compostable materials at Bailey Landfill.  The intent of this bylaw is to reduce the amount of waste landfilled each year.  Hazardous wastes are also banned from the Bailey Sanitary Landfill. 

The following materials are banned from being disposed of as garbage at the Bailey Sanitary Landfill:

  • hazardous waste
  • soil contaminated with hazardous waste
  • special waste as defined by the BC Ministry of Environment
  • biomedical waste, sharps or infectious materials
  • any explosive substance, object or mechanism
  • materials that are on fire or above a temperature of 65.5 degrees Celsius
  • flammable, combustible or oxidizing materials
  • materials that can be recycled through the Curbside Recycling Program
  • beverage containers
  • compostable waste (food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste)
  • trees, stumps or large logs (exceeding 360 mm in diameter)
  • wood treated with creosote, petroleum derivatives, etc.
  • concrete containing rebar
  • materials originating from industrial and/or agricultural operations
  • rubber tires
  • small appliances or electronic waste
  • light bulbs and light fixtures
  • corded and battery powered electrical outdoor power equipment (gas powered outdoor power equipment is accepted as scrap metal, provided all oil and gas are removed)
  • motor vehicle bodies and other large metallic items including farm implements
  • carcasses, offal or viscera or agricultural or commercial sources of animal excrement
  • semi-solid and liquid waste (raw sewage, septic tank sludge, grease trappings)
  • industrial or commercial spools
  • any single item larger than 2 cubic metres
  • waste oil, oil filters or oil containers
  • wet cell batteries


Looking for other recycling and disposal options? Search the "what goes where" tab in the waste wizard below.

Bailey Landfill Cost Estimator

Various factors can influence material weight; your fees may vary. If differences occur between estimated costs/weights derived here and at the scale house, the scale house costs/weights will be used.

1. Choose Your Waste Type:

Food waste, yard waste, & food-soiled paper.

Declare Wild Game Trimmings at the scale house. Restrictions apply. Call the City at 604.793.2907 for details.

Scrap metal can be recycled for free at the Bailey Landfill during the months of April and October (standard tipping fees apply for all other months).
All of the pieces must be free of rebar and less than 30 cm in any dimension. Analytical test results may be required for soil.
Free for residential quantities.
Free for residential quantities (max. 25 litres per vehicle, per day).

2. Choose Your Units:

3. Enter Your Estimated Weight of the Item or Materials

Please use only numeric characters in the weight field.
Please make sure to select your waste type and the units of measure.
Various factors can influence material weight; your fees may vary. If differences occur between estimated costs/weights derived here and at the scale house, the scale house costs/weights will be used.

Estimated Cost

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Matheson Rd
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Bailey Landfill Asbestos Waste Disposal Procedures 2023-06-23 163KB 
Construction and Demolition Waste Declaration and Acknowledgement Form 2024-03-07 26KB 
Disposal Options - Large Diameter Clean Wood and Yard Waste 2019-11-13 247KB 
Drywall/Asbestos Waste Declaration and Acknowledgment Form 2019-04-18 413KB 
Enhanced Declaration Form and Approved Sampling Procedures 2023-06-28 790KB 
Guide for Home Owners/Contractors 2020-12-01 165KB 
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List of Testing Laboratories and Abatement Companies 2021-06-21 125KB 
Other Potential Suspect Asbestos Containing Products 2016-12-05 108KB 
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Quick Guide for Disposal of Flood Debris 2021-12-07 230KB 
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Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2023-06-02 343KB 

Asbestos Waste

Information on asbestos waste disposal at the Bailey Landfill

Drywall and Building Materials

Information on disposal of drywall and building materials

Unsecured Loads

Information on unsecured loads being transported to Bailey Landfill and other depot locations