Downtown Land Use & Development Plan (Phase 2)

The Downtown Land Use and Development Plan was adopted in June 2010 and incorporated into the OCP as Appendix D. It articulates the community’s vision for the Downtown Plan Area over the next 30 years. It sets directions for land use pattern, housing typology and density, and commercial/economic development. It also addresses issues concerning public open spaces, community facilities and programs, transportation, infrastructure, and the form and character of the public and private realms.

The overall purpose of this plan is to encourage a cohesive and compatible development pattern that reinforces the sustainability and livability of the City, and to establish a central role for the downtown core and neighbourhoods in Chilliwack’s long term growth.

On an operational level, it introduces a regulatory framework and implementation tools that can produce results in future downtown development. One of its intentions is to bring greater clarity and certainty for citizens and developers, and to better inform City Council and Staff on land use and development decisions.

This Plan provides a detailed guide for future land use, building and site design, neighbourhood design, infrastructure and public space improvement decisions, and supports the Official Community Plan’s growth management strategy and associated objectives for downtown revitalization and neighbourhood development.

Online documents:

Description Date File Size
OCP Amendment Bylaw 2011-06-09 455KB
Staff Report 2010-05-03 480KB

Final Plan

Downtown Land Use and Development Plan - Final