Shaping the Future of Chilliwack Proper and Fairfield Island Residential Neighbourhoods

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House on March 21 for a presentation of the draft plan.

The Final Plan was brought forward to Council on May 15, 2018 for first and second reading, and a Public Hearing date will be held June 5, 2018 in Council Chambers.  Click to view the full plan

Future Land Use Plan:

The Plan includes a future land use plan for low density residential (single detached housing, duplexes, townhouses, coach houses and secondary suites) and other land uses where they currently exist including apartments, institutional, commercial and park. The proposed land use plan accomodates the Offical Community Plan objective for an additional 1600 residential units in the plan area.   

Land Use Designation Categories

Land Use Maps:

Fairfield Island

Note:   Based on the recommendation of the City’s Affordable Housing and Development Advisory Committee, which met on March 28, 2018, Council has requested that an alternative land use map for Fairfield Island be included within the Final Plan. The alternative land use map illustrates additional opportunities for attached housing in close proximity to green space and was presented to Council on April 17,2018 and again on May 15, 2018. The Public Hearing for the Final Plan is scheduled for June 5, 2018 at 7pm in Council Chambers.

Mountainview (East)

Riverside (Central)

Townsend (West)

Project Purpose

The purpose of the plan is to determine how new development can be best accommodated within existing neighbourhoods. City-wide development policy emphasizes the need for densification and infill within the urban growth boundaries in order to achieve 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) growth management goals. Protecting agriculture land, efficient use of infrastructure, and infrastructure for new development that is paid upfront by the developer at time of development are among top goals behind the OCP.

Public Consultation     

Over the past 4 months, we have reached out to residents to talk about the future of Chilliwack Proper and Fairfield Island.  Feedback was collected and reviewed from a series of meetings, as well as online surveys.  The following is a summary of the public consultation:

September 20 - Public Meeting (project launch)  - Held with 300+ attendees

October 19 - Public Workshop (focus groups) - Held with 40+ attendees

October  - Survey #1 (baseline assessment) - Available online with 90 respondents

November 30 - Open House (feedback on draft concepts and directions) - Held with 75+ attendees

December - Survey #2 (confirm vision and direction) - Available online with 44 responses

March 21  - Open House (feedback on draft plan)

Public Comments Report shows the results of the open ended comments from online surveys and community meeting comment forms.

For additional information please contact the Planning Department at 604.793.2906.

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