Water Conservation

Summer water restrictions are in effect from June 1 - October 15. 

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The pie chart above outlines the percentage of water consumption in 2022 by each sector. Residential water consumption is the highest category at 76%.

In the first quarter of 2023, we saw the residential water consumption have the largest increase amongst all the sectors from 2022.

It can be easy to forget that our treated drinking water doesn't fall from the sky! Conserving water is important as our water is a valuable resource, essential to our lives and our natural environment. Check out the water efficiency tips below to see how you can reduce your water consumption.

During the summer months, water use is approximately 100% higher than winter use. This is primarily due to the waste of water through practices such as over watering lawns and gardens and washing vehicles. By using a little less and not wasting it, we can continue to meet the demand for water, in any season.

The City's water conservation program is designed to reduce this excess water use and to make sure that the source of water is used more efficiently and effectively. By conserving water today, we reduce energy consumption and help sustainably manage this precious groundwater resource.

Building a water efficient community is a program initiative under the City of Chilliwack’s Water Conservation Strategy. The Water Efficient Community Program is a multifaceted approach to promoting lifestyles and initiatives which help residents conserve Chilliwack’s world renowned drinking water in and around the home.

Like all other municipalities in the Lower Mainland and most municipalities in BC, Chilliwack will continue to enhance water efficiency during the summer months by implementing water restrictions. Additionally, Chilliwack offers programs to help residents make a difference year round, such as the rain barrel rebate program, the toilet rebate program and by providing water conservation kits.

Water stewardship keeps Chilliwack beautiful by ensuring there is water available for people and for the creeks that are home to our beloved salmon and several endangered species. Our Fire Department is grateful for every drop of water we can conserve, especially during hot, dry weather, as it ensures our reservoirs are full whenever they need them to protect our homes and businesses.

Water Efficiency Tips:


Featured Programs for City of Chilliwack Residents:


Toilet Rebate Program

Rain Barrel Program

Water Conservation Kits

Ugliest Lawn Contest

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Low Flow Toilets

Toilets represent 30% of indoor water use. Converting to a low-flow toilet can save between 80-100L of water per toilet per day. The City is offering $50 rebates when you purchase and install an low-flow toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions - Toilet Rebate Program

Public Education

Like many communities in British Columbia, Chilliwack has adopted a proactive water efficiency program that ensures residents and businesses alike are working together to conserve water, especially during the drier summer months.

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Rain Barrel Rebate Program

The Rain Barrel Rebate Program will cover up to 50% of the cost of a new rain barrel. Learn more about eligibility and steps to apply.

Summer Watering Restrictions

Summer water restrictions start June 1 and run to October 15.

Exemption Certificate

Water Conservation Kits

Conservation is just as important in the home as it is outside. The majority of water consumption comes from domestic use.