Water Conservation Stage Triggers

About our Aquifer

The Sardis-Vedder Aquifer is the main source of drinking water for the City of Chilliwack. It is also the source of the Atchelitz, Chilliwack and Luckakuck Creeks. The aquifer gets water from the Vedder River, rain, and snow soaking into the ground. This is why it is important to conserve as much as we can: for people, waterways, and the environment.

What Triggers the Stages of Water Conservation

The City’s Water Conservation Plan was reviewed in 2023. A consultant analyzed the safe available drawdowns in the City’s wells. Drawdown is the decline in the water table caused by pumping/extracting groundwater for use. They also looked at historical groundwater levels. The findings from the review were used to develop the water conservation stages triggers. The stages of water conservation change depending on the water level elevation of the aquifer.

Stages of Water Conservation

There are 4 stages to the City of Chilliwack's water conservation plan. Annually from May 1 - October 15, the City automatically enters Stage 1. Based on the aquifer's water level, the City may enter other stages.

Stages can be changed at anytime, and in any order. Stay informed on what stage the City is in by visiting chilliwack.com/waterrestrictions or contacting the Engineering Department at 604.793.2907 or [email protected].