Evans Road Connector


The Evans Road Connector has been in operation since October 2010 and was Chilliwack's first Roundabout.

On average 24,000 motorists use the Evans Road Connector every day. With the high volume of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists funneling through this area, it can be challenging trying to navigate the Roundabout. 

From time to time, motorists may have difficulty in the Roundabout itself.  If you are having difficulty, there are some resources that can assist you in learning the rules of the road when driving the Connector. 

Chilliwack residents and visitors are asked to please obey all of the signs, which will deter mishaps when navigating the Roundabout. 

The 2.5 kilometre connecter and interchange links Evans Road at Knight Road to the south, with Ashwell Road at Deans Avenue to the north; providing an alternate route for residents, businesses and visitors between Chilliwack and Sardis. Extended bike lanes and sidewalks provide continuity for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Photo looking north down Evans from Oct 2009