Welcome to the City of Chilliwack’s roundabouts webpage. Here you will find pertinent information about roundabouts in our community, including how to use roundabouts, safety measures, FAQs and more.

Prest Road Roundabout, June 2016

Roundabout frequently asked questions

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Art in Roundabouts

Roundabout design requires that the driver’s view across the centre of the circle be blocked, either by plantings or manmade structures. There are many examples in our region where art, or manmade landscape features have been used to improve the aesthetics of the neighbourhood. The design requirement to block the driver’s view across the roundabout is necessary and required for safe roundabout operation.

Other sources of Information on Modern Roundabouts

There is a great “Safer Choice” roundabout video posted on YouTube:

ICBC's How to Use a Roundabout Webpage

Washington State Department of Transportation website:

Single Lane Rounds Layout:

Description Date File Size 
Tyson Site Plan May 2014 2014-05-22 517KB 

Roundabouts – FAQ’s

What is a roundabout? How do roundabouts affect traffic flow? How do roundabouts affect safety? Are roundabouts safe for pedestrians? Are roundabouts safe for cyclists? Is the cost of constructing a roundabout more than a traditional intersection? How do I find out more about roundabouts? How do I drive in a roundabout?

How Do Roundabouts Work

How do I use a roundabout? How do pedestrians use a roundabout? How do cyclists use a roundabout? What do you do if an emergency vehicle approaches with their lights and sirens on?

Roundabout Simulator

Learn how to use the new roundabout.

Evans Road Roundabout (Two-Lane)

The Evans Road Connector has been in operation since October 2010 and includes Chilliwack's first Roundabout. Information regarding the Evans Road project and the multi-lane roundabout is available on the City’s website.