All the Facts

There are many reasons and causes leading to homelessness, with each person having their own unique story.

In 2020, the Fraser Valley Regional District conducted a survey. In the context of this survey, homeless persons were defined as persons with no fixed address, with no regular and/or adequate nighttime residence where they can expect to stay for more than 30 days.

In this survey, 306 people in Chilliwack were found to be homeless, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • 76% due to inadequate income and/or lack of suitable, affordable rental units
  • 25% due to addictions
  • 35% due to family breakdown/abuse/ conflict
  • 8% due to health/disability

You can read the full findings in the report here.

Please visit the pages listed below to learn more facts about homelessness in Chilliwack.

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2020 Homeless Count and Survey Report 2021-07-09 3.57MB 

Health of Homeless Persons

Those surveyed in the 2014 FVRD survey suffered from a variety of chronic and acute illnesses that are aggravated by life on the streets.

Homeless Profile in Chilliwack

In Chilliwack, the gender distribution of homeless people surveyed breaks down into 64% males and 34% females.

Housing Projects

While housing is primarily a Provincial responsibility, the City of Chilliwack has supported a number of affordable housing and housing first developments in our community.

Shelter Beds

There are a number of shelter beds in Chilliwack which includes extreme weather beds available throughout the winter.