Winter Shelter Beds

For the winter season beginning January 1, 2018 and ending March 31, 2018, capacity of local service providers to offer shelter to those without a home has increased.

The availability of Winter Shelter beds is in addition to the regular emergency shelter beds that are offered through the Salvation Army and Cyrus Centre.

Winter shelter beds are made available to service users at 7:30 pm and are closed at 7:30 am.

Locations and numbers of the Winter Shelter beds are as follows:


Regular Beds Winter Shelter Beds Other
Cyrus Centre

6 (19 years and under)


(25 years and under)

1 Transitional Bed

Salvation Army (19 years and over)

41 5
Ruth & Naomi's Mission (19 years and over) 26 (room to increase to 40 if circumstances require) 16 beds for 30 day program 18 beds for 4 months plus

For more information, please contact Bill Radatz, Ruth and Naomi’s Mission, Extreme Weather Response Coordinator for Chilliwack at 604.795.2322.

Shelter Contacts:

Cyrus Centre
45845 Wellington Avenue
Tel: 604.795.5773

Salvation Army
45746 Yale Road
Tel: 604.792.4486

Ruth and Naomi's Mission
46130 Margaret Avenue
Tel: 604.795.2322