Task Force

DRAFT Chilliwack Homelessness Action Plan Background Report (PDF)

Project Purpose

To develop, under the guidance of an appointed task force, a comprehensive Homelessness Action Plan with clear goals, effective strategies, measurable objectives and specific actions to end homelessness in Chilliwack, clearly articulating the role of the City and others.

Project Objectives

To clearly communicate to the community the root causes of homelessness, the challenges and effective strategies for addressing the root causes, and to clarify the roles of all stakeholders;

To formalize the City’s commitment in working with others including non-profit organizations and other levels of government to end homelessness;

To build on past and current initiatives associated with the City’s 2008 Housing and Homelessness Strategy and the Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Plan; and

To ensure an inclusive process – to engage with stakeholders, including Chilliwack Healthier Community, individual service providers, the Housing First Task team, and the community to ensure all voices are heard and that the plan provides support for wide spectrum of affordable housing, based on client needs

Press Releases

City of Chilliwack to Create a Homeless Action Plan (September 2015)

Chilliwack Homelessness Action Plan Background Report Goes to Council (March 1, 2016)

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