Homelessness Action Plan

On June 7, 2016, City Council adopted a Chilliwack Homelessness Action Plan (PDF) to address homelessness and the need for increased affordable housing in Chilliwack.  The Plan's vision and goals are:


To establish a comprehensive community response system that helps people obtain and retain safe, affordable, appropriate housing.


  • Implement Housing First
  • Increase supply of affordable housing
  • Increase coordination amongst agencies
  • Improve health & safety of vulnerable
  • Increase community awareness & build support
  • Support initiatives that build self-esteem & support economic self sufficiency

In the plan, specific housing and support needs are highlighted and strategies requiring multi-agency coordination and funding are identified. 

  • Intensive Case Management (click for additional information)
  • Increased Assistance for Rent and Outreach
  • Affordable Market Rental Housing
  • Capital and Operating - Funding Housing Needs

              -Sobering beds
              -Detox treatment beds
              -Youth shelter beds
              -Low barrier housing with supports
              -Supportive transitional housing
              -Supportive permanent housing

Additional information can be found in the 2016 Homelessness Action Plan.

Description Date File Size 
2016 Homelessness Action Plan 2016-06-08 6.12MB 
June 7, 2016 Homelessness Action Plan Council Presentation 2016-06-08 2.13MB 
2008 to 2016 Housing Timeline 2016-04-01 713KB 
Affordable Housing Continuum 2016-04-01 36KB 
CHC Overview 2016-04-01 219KB 
Homelessness Action Plan Presentation 2016-04-01 3.32MB 
Housing First An Overview 2016-04-01 309KB 
ICMT Standards 2017-08-03 3.01MB 
Roles and Responsibilities 2016-04-01 33KB 

All the Facts

This page contains information about homelessness in our community.

Health of Homeless Persons | Homeless Profile in Chilliwack | Housing and Homelessness | Housing Projects | Shelter Beds


City of Chilliwack recognizes housing as a key element in a sustainable complete community. Improving the availability of appropriate, affordable and accessible housing choices for all existing and future residents is an integral component in creating a healthy built environment.

Reaching Home

Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy is a community-based program aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness

Task Force

Read the Chilliwack Homelessness Action Plan Background Report.

Videos on Homelessness

Videos of Chilliwack events that discuss a variety of aspects about homelessness in our community.

Housing Projects

While housing is primarily a Provincial responsibility, the City of Chilliwack has supported a number of affordable housing and housing first developments in our community.

Chilliwack Healthier Community

Chilliwack Healthier Community

Provincial Policies and Initiatives

Provincial Policies and Initiatives