Chilliwack Healthier Community


From housing and mental health to public safety and healthy lifestyles, the concerns of Chilliwack residents that help build a healthier community for everyone are squarely in focus by the Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC).

Co-chaired by the City of Chilliwack and School District 33, the Council is made up of 34 partner agencies and organizations, representing government, law enforcement and the non-profit sector.


To live in a healthy, caring community that focuses on quality of life, promotes a sense of belonging, and understands that dignity begins when basic needs are met.


To actively address the most persistent issues affecting the health and well-being of our community and its residents through public education, collaboration and service integration.


Since 2001, partners from a wide range of service areas have been working to actively address the most persistent issues affecting the health and well-being of our community and its residents. In the fall of 2012, the CHC partnership formally came together after a series of community forums and the creation of the Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan. CHC has used the goals and objectives within that plan to identify four key areas of interest:

Affordable / Accessible Housing, Mental Health,

Public Safety and Healthy Lifestyles

While these are our focus, CHC’s plan and mandate encompass a much broader framework that include many other social determinants of health: education and literacy, primary and preventative health care, physical and nutritional health, safe and vibrant public spaces, employment and income levels – and an overall sense of connectedness.

What’s Happening Now

In early 2014 CHC held a series of public forums to provide an opportunity to hear from the community – what are the highest priority issues right now, and what should be the first projects we undertake. The outcomes were incorporated into our Strategic Action Plan – 2018.

Since then we have moved forward significantly on a number of initiatives that aligned closely with the goals and objectives of our Strategic Action Plan. The CHC Housing First Task Team has been gathering information, both from what has worked in other communities, and locally, by completing a research study, funded by the Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council, on the extent of the need here in Chilliwack. This team is poised to begin the process of putting forward a proposal to address the most urgent housing needs in our community.

Since September of last year, we have delivered monthly Information and networking events to answer the call from the service provider community to facilitate greater awareness of our local programs and resources. These events have received glowing evaluations, and we’ve filled the room every time.

Our partnership has grown  since 2014, as we have sought to ensure that all the expertise we need to address the most persistent social issues in Chilliwack are present at our table. We significantly enhanced our communications strategy in the latter part of 2014, and began its implementation in January 2015. We’ve received positive feedback for the promotional support we provided. Our activities around measurement and monitoring have given us opportunities to discuss our partners’ expectations and vision for CHC, and also to plan reporting on the indicators of success for our projects.

Contact Sabine Mendez, Coordinator for Chilliwack Healthier Community at 604.703.8096 for more information, and to get on to our distribution lists.

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