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Promontory Development Plan (1994)

The primary purpose of the Promontory Development Plan (1994) was to facilitate the building of a viable, all inclusive community in Promontory. It established a number of focal points for commercial development and community functions (schools and parks). It stressed proper development of the public realm (streetscape/urban design, open space and hiking trails) and urban structure (road network, residential blocks and utilities). The Plan also paved the way for form and character guidelines, geotechnical controls and view preservation.

As noted on the two maps below, there has been little change from the 1994 plan to today's actual development plan (represented by zones). For example, the area on the north-east (right) side of the 1994 Promontory map indicates 'medium density' (apartments) but the newer plan indicates that most of this land has been zoned and being developed as low density, single-family residential (R3).

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