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Applications - Forms

ALR application forms can be downloaded from the ALC's website.

Printing tip! Some of the forms have text or graphics quite close to the edge of the paper. If your printer is cutting off information, try printing at a reduced size or use "shrink to fit" or "fit to page" in the print dialogue box.

Description Date File Size 
ALC Application Brochure 2015-07-16 111KB 
Applicant Authorization for Release of Documents 2021-02-23 85KB 
Building Permit Application 2021-01-26 93KB 
Development Permit Application 2021-01-08 301KB 
Development Variance Permit Application 2021-01-08 246KB 
Letter of Authorization 2019-10-04 91KB 
Mailing Address Change Request Form 2019-02-13 657KB 
New Alias Address Application 2021-01-25 218KB 
Rezoning Application 2021-01-08 240KB 
Subdivision Application 2020-08-21 115KB 
Telecommunication Antenna Structures Application 2019-12-09 202KB 
TUP Application Form 2021-01-08 253KB 
Water Samples Request Form 2014-07-03 524KB