Applications - Forms

ALR application are available on the Agricultural Land Commission website via the following link:

Printing tip! Some of the forms have text or graphics quite close to the edge of the paper. If your printer is cutting off information, try printing at a reduced size or use "shrink to fit" or "fit to page" in the print dialogue box.

Description Date File Size 
Building Permit Application 2021-01-26 93KB 
Development Permit Application 2023-07-10 309KB 
Development Variance Permit Application 2023-07-10 254KB 
Letter of Authorization and Release of Documents Form 2021-06-18 96KB 
Mailing Address Change Request Form 2019-02-13 657KB 
New Alias Address Application 2021-01-25 218KB 
Rezoning Application 2023-07-10 268KB 
Site Disclosure Statement Form (Download & Open with Adobe) 2021-03-05 143KB 
Subdivision Application 2020-08-21 115KB 
Telecommunication Antenna Structures Application 2023-07-06 202KB 
TUP Application Form 2023-07-10 262KB 
Water Samples Request Form 2014-07-03 524KB