CN Rail Train Whistling

CN Rail has informed the City of Chilliwack that, by order from Transport Canada, effective immediately, they have re-instituted train whistling throughout our region (mile 70 - 75 – see attached map) in response to a recent fatality on the tracks.

The City of Chilliwack has invested in significant upgrades to local rail crossings to reduce the need for train whistles in our community, and runs regular rail safety educational campaigns. Whistle cessation has been in place at the City’s road crossings between Prest Road to Evans Road since 1984. The City is encouraging CN Rail to increase their investment in more secure, protective fencing to make it more difficult for people to access tracks at known trespass locations. We remind all residents to never walk or play on or near the train tracks and to use caution walking, wheeling or cycling at designated road-rail crossings. For rail safety tips, please visit

Concerns or Complaints

If you have concerns, please contact:

  • CN Rail Public Inquiry Line: 1-888-888-5909 or [email protected].
  • Transport Canada’s Pacific Regional Rail Safety Office: 604-666-0011.

Map of Chilliwack with CN Rail Miles 70-75 labelled in red

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