DFO Closure of Gill Bar

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has been granted authority by the Provincial Ministry of Lands, Water and Resource Stewardship to lock the access gate to Gill Bar to restrict motorized vehicle access into portions of provincial crown land leading to the gravel bar and side channels in order to help protect fish habitat. Public access to Gill Bar via foot traffic or small boat will remain unaffected.

DFO has confirmed that ongoing discussions with relevant agencies, such as the City of Chilliwack, First Nations, and local stewardship groups will continue in order to develop longer-term solution to the management and protection of fish habitat at Gill Bar.

Inquiries about this closure can be directed to Mike Fraser, Fishery Officer -A/Area Chief, Lower Fraser Conservation and Protection, Fisheries and Oceans Canada at [email protected] or 604.798.2622.

To learn more about reporting potential violations, including possible impacts to fish or fish habitat, visit DFO’s Report a fisheries violation webpage.