Transportation Plan Update - Final

August 21, 2018 - The Transportation Plan Update – Final was approved by Mayor and Council and the following resolution was passed by the Transporation Advisory Committee at their meeting held June 21, 2018:

Moved / Seconded "That the Transportation Advisory Committee supports the approval of the draft Plan and recommends referral of Section M, the Pedestrian Plan of the Transportation Plan Update Draft April 2018, back to staff for further detailed development."  Carried Unanimously.

The plan includes 17 chapters as follows:

  • A - Introduction
  • B – Signal Plan
  • C – Safety Plan
  • D – Traffic Growth
  • E – Pavement Rehabilitation
  • F – Downtown Parking Study
  • G – Road Network
  • H – Zoning Setbacks and Bylaws
  • I – Transit Plan
  • J – Cycle Vision Plan (accepted by Council May 2017)
  • K – Bridge Plan
  • L – Traffic Volumes
  • M – Pedestrian Plan
  • N – Regional Connections to Highway 1
  • O – Railway Plan
  • P – Airport Plan
  • Q – Truck Plan
  • R – Financial Plan

Highlights of the Transportation Plan Update include:

  • Cycle Vision Plan that was accepted by Council May 2017, planning and design is underway on many of the Quick Win projects in the plan with construction this summer.
  • Pedestrian Plan included an update to the 25 highest-ranking priority sidewalk and crosswalk projects for implementation over the next 5 years. This included recommendation to improve pedestrian crossings with the installation of Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFBs).
  • Safety Plan includes recommendation to develop a Traffic Calming Policy.
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