Affordable Housing & Development Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Harv Westeringh
Vice Chair: Councillor Bud Mercer

The Affordable Housing and Development Advisory Committee (AHDC) is a Select Committee established by Council that serves as an advisory/liaison body between Council and the development, building, and real estate community. The committee provides advice to Council on the implementation of the City of Chilliwack’s Affordable Housing Strategy and other policies and strategies to address housing needs in the community.

Important documents

2021 Terms of Reference

2021 Committee Meeting Dates

Committee Minutes

Date Minutes
February 26, 2020 AHDC Minutes
May 27, 2020 AHDC Minutes
September 30, 2020 AHDC Minutes
February 24, 2021 AHDC Minutes
May 26, 2021 AHDC Minutes

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2021 Committee Meeting Dates 2021-03-23 124KB 
2021 Committee Meeting Dates 2021-03-23 124KB 
2021 Terms of Reference 2021-01-04 182KB