Public Safety Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Bud Mercer
Vice Chair: Councillor Nicole Read

The Public Safety Advisory Committee is a Select Committee established by Council to focus on current and emerging public safety issues. The committee addresses bylaw matters related to public safety, downtown concerns, fire regulations and safety issues, as well as proceeds from crime. They also showcase the good work various groups and agencies are doing to combat crime, which in-turn enhances public safety and security.

The committee consists of up to 15 voting members appointed by Council, plus two elected officials representing Council as Chair and Vice Chair. Members include:

  • Two members from the RCMP
  • One member from the Fire Department
  • Two members from the community
  • One member from SD33
  • One member from Crown Counsel
  • One member from the BIA
  • One member from BC ambulance
  • One member from ICBC
  • One member from First Nations
  • One member from the Chamber of Commerce
  • One member representing family law
  • One member representing corrections/restorative
  • One member representing homelessness

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00am.

Important documents

2024 Terms of Reference

2024 Committee Meeting Dates

Date Minutes
January 18, 2023 PSAC Minutes
February 15, 2023 PSAC Minutes
March 15, 2023 PSAC Minutes
April 19, 2023 PSAC Minutes
May 17, 2023 PSAC Minutes
June 21, 2023 PSAC Minutes
July 19, 2023 PSAC Minutes
August 16, 2023 PSAC Minutes
October 18, 2023 PSAC Minutes
November 15, 2023 PSAC Minutes
December 20, 2023 PSAC Minutes
January 17, 2024 PSAC Minutes
February 21, 2024 PSAC Minutes
March 20, 2024 PSAC Minutes