Design Review Advisory Committee

Chair: Councillor Chris Kloot
Vice Chair: Councillor Bud Mercer

The Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) is a Select Committee established by Council. The purpose of DRAC is to serve as an advisory body to Council for design related issues. The committee will evaluate applications with respect to the form and character guidelines established in Development Permit Areas No. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. For each application the committee’s recommendations and the developer’s response will be summarized in a staff report for Council’s consideration. The committee shall endeavour to evaluate all design matters referred to it in a fair and balanced manner, recognizing its role to enhance Chilliwack as a whole. The committee will communicate and coordinate with the Affordable Housing and Development Advisory Committee in light of the overlapping areas of interest. DRAC will report its findings and opinions to Council.

Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.

Important documents

2021 Terms of Reference

Committee Minutes

Date Minutes
November 9, 2020 DRAC Minutes
January 26, 2021 DRAC Minutes
February 23, 2021 DRAC Minutes
April 13, 2021 DRAC Minutes
May 10, 2021 DRAC Minutes
June 22, 2021 DRAC Minutes


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